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Meet Peter Wood

Peter has always been a performer and magician.  Whilst in High School, Peter began performing his magic show for children’s parties and from then on he has entertained thousands of children and parents alike.

Some of Peter's experience with children is as follows:

  • Completed six years acting training at the Q Theatre Penrith.

  • Appeared in numerous Australian television shows and movies as well as stage plays and commercials.  Peter is also a voice over artist for commercials and documentaries.

  • Qualified in Child Care at Bankstown T.A.F.E.

  • Ran Vacation Care programs for 9 years (Kids Activities Newtown and Telopea Holiday Program).

  • Became authorised to perform in schools.

  • Was the resident magician and appeared weekly on the children’s TV show Sing Me A Rainbow which ran for over 6 years.

  • Was employed for 5 years by the Department of Education in a Theatre In Education program which involved performances and drama workshops in schools.  This was funded by the DSP program.

Throughout this wide and varied career, Peter’s major focus has been on entertaining children with magic and puppets.  All of his experience and training have been instrumental in developing the best, and funniest, children’s magical show available today.     

Working With Children # WWC0910012E

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