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Peter Wood 

 Funny Magic Show

Designed for PreSchools 

My show contributes to your EYLF Learning Outcome Requirements

Curiosity  |  Enthusiasm  |  Imagination  |  Problem Solving  |  Inquiry

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This is Peter’s specialty. He is qualified in Early Childhood Education and has three different preschool shows. The performances are educational utilizing colour, shapes, numbers, counting, manners, sharing and most of all…. GREAT FUN!

There is a strong emphasis on audience participation because young children love to be a part of what is going on.

The majority of Peter’s shows by far have been in preschools. Many preschool performers have come and gone over the years, but only the good ones last.  I have been a professional preschool performer in Sydney for 30 years. The humour and performances have been honed to the ideal level for preschoolers and the shows can help your centre to meet some of the new National Quality Standards by achieving all the EYLF outcomes.

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Kids of all ages love magic, even the older ones.  It is a wonderful incursion that the whole centre can enjoy all at the same time.  For Vacation Care Centres and schools I present a non-age specific show which appeals to all age groups.

Sometimes the children have been working on their own little routines and when my performance is over I sit and watch their magic show.

Having a visit by the PETER WOOD FUNNY MAGIC SHOW is a great way to entertain the kids without needing to take them out of the centre.

My show contributes to your EYLF Learning Outcome Requirements

Curiosity  |  Enthusiasm  |  Imagination  |  Problem Solving  |  Inquiry

Contributing to the children having a strong sense of identity
During the show the children are given choices in order to develop their decision making. They are encouraged to respond with care, empathy and respect toward the other children, and those involved in the show.

Assisting children in connecting and contributing to their world
A strong sense of belonging is experienced as the children respond together to seemingly impossible situations. All the children are encouraged to participate in role-playing imaginary circumstances.

Supporting the childrens strong sense of well-being
Throughout the show the children are encouraged to embrace good health and safety and identify their own emotions as they engage with the show.

Encouraging children to be confident and involved learners
Magic is an extraordinary means by which children develop curiosity and imagination. The children are helped to work out what is happening now and what might happen next. The children are given opportunities to solve problems as they arise.

Enabling the children to be effective communicators
There are many opportunities during the show for the children to interact verbally and non-verbally, individually and as a group. They are encouraged to express their ideas as they are asked questions in a funny and playful manner.

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